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Danny Says – Documentary to Watch

Documentary featuring One of the Most Important Characters of the Early Punk Rock Movement – Danny Fields

While all eyes are towards the stage, people forget about the players in the back helping push our favorite performers to the top. People like Danny Fields, who was a massive influence on the early punk rock movement and finally enjoys the spotlight with the documentary Danny Says.

In case you didn’t know, Danny Fields is a music manager, publicist, journalist, and author. He hung out with the Andy Warhol crowd in the back room at Max’s Kansas City. His phone call got the MC5 and Iggy Pop & the Stooges signed to Elektra Records. The crowd of who’s who at CBGB’s included Danny Fields, and he would eventually become the Ramones’ first-time manager. He was more than a clog in the machine, he was the gasoline that kept the damn thing running while the drivers (aka drug addict musicians) did their best to wreck the ship.

What is truly special about Danny Says is the honest portrait of the man. The majority of the film is sound bites of his voice throughout different times in his life. Each one explains either his family history or some crazy story like the time Jim Morrison met Nico. Crude, vulgar language spills out of his mouth as he shares in detail the moments that took place. Love him, hate him, this is Danny Fields telling his story, and for that, I have to appreciate the raw reveal.

Iggy Pop is also true to himself in Danny Says. He has maybe a total of 5 shots, some at length. Each one is the Iggy Pop we would love to meet, compared to some of his stories where, as he puts it, “he was a bad buddy.” My favorite part of Iggy’s has to be the cut scene of him describing Scott Asheton ripping the top of a truck off by going under a bridge. His joy in remembering the moment would bring a smile to anyone’s face, except Danny’s.

And Iggy Pop isn’t the only star you’d recognize if you luv punk rock history. Wayne Kramer, Alice Cooper, Tommy Ramone, and more appear in Danny Says.

While some reviews will speak to the sloppiness of the film, I personally wasn’t annoyed or noticed it. Then again, I am not here to give a critical review. My sole purpose in watching the film was to learn about a man who progressed the genre I love. Therefore, it was worth my time, and I would recommend it to anyone. And more so, Danny Fields in the film comes across as a man who lived an incredible life and enjoys telling stories of his time in history. Even though that means he doesn’t always get the recognition he deserves seen with this quote:

That’s the little things I do to make trouble that … if they happen, no one knows, so that’s my life story. So what’s that name? What’s that career called?

Danny Fields in Danny Says

And maybe that’s the point – that’s the beauty of Danny Fields. He never did it for fame or fortune, or even recognition. He did it because he wanted these artists to achieve their potential. The potential he saw in them. And for giving them that extra push, we have to thank the man, Danny Fields.

Therefore, pay some respect & watch the film, Danny Says.

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