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New Album Drop: Egoista’s Having Fun Is The Gateway Drug

Egoista’s Having Fun Is The Gateway Drug is a High Energy Punk Rock Joy Ride!

Witty lyrics and a fast guitar with a beat to back it, Egoista’s Having Fun Is The Gateway Drug is an enjoyable ride you should take out for a spin. After giving it a listen, it became apparent these are punk rock fans playing their own punk rock music. For their DIY way of life, I must pay some respect.

You are introduced to their speed with, as you might have guessed, the song “Intro,” the first on the album. The next song, “Digging in the Beat,” continues the pace and drops lyrics like “we’re doing this for fun, listening to the Ramones,” providing a uplifting spirit that carries on throughout the album. Even with songs like “Hipster World” or “I Love You Coffee,” you can’t help but laugh and snicker while bobbin’ your noggin.’

The entire album caps at 19 minutes long with their longest song, which is also my favorite on the album, “Chasing Paradise,” clocking in at 3:06. The rest of the songs are 2 minutes max, if not shorter. Each minute a blast of contagious fun until it stops, and you’re left wanting more.

For those who’ve never heard of Egoista – they hail from Denver, Colorado, and the members include Marco Contreras (vocals & guitar), Sam Stearman (drums), and Todd Daigle (bass & backup vocals). Their website states, they are “a punk rock band … [and] High energy, melodic punk rock is the name of the game!” Sounds about right to me.

And lucky for us, Egoista did upload the album, Having Fun Is The Gateway Drug, to YouTube. Also, you can check it out on most streaming services.

To make it easy, I left the YouTube album below.

Enjoy, swine.

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