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Opinion: You Are Priceless

Any time I speak from the heart on this blog of mine, I attach “Opinion” to the title. The truth, when I say “you are priceless” I mean it more as a fact than an opinion in regards to you, reader. It is something that punk rock taught me and I can explain.

You listen to these songs, these empowering punk rock songs that point out the flaws of the corrupt and powerful and how the collective “we” won’t stand for their abuse. Songs like Black Flag’s “Rise Above” with lyrics such as:

When they can’t do it themselves
Rise above, we’re gonna rise above

We are tired of your abuse
Try to stop us, it’s no use

Rise Above” by Black Flag

Or Stiff Little FingersNo More of That” that goes like:

They never ask us if we want a war
Who do they think they’re talkin’ for
‘Cause we never get no say
We have to have it all their way

I said, oh
We want no more of that
You can’t push us under the mat
Oh, we want no more of that

No More of That” by Stiff Little Fingers

Countless punk rock songs have followed this path. When the elite of the world do their best to push us down, we say “no.” Because we are powerful, together. Without us, including YOU, this society doesn’t work. That’s power.

So if you ask me what is your worth – you are a powerful, priceless punk. And don’t ever let a single mother f**cker in this entire made up society tell you different. Not a boss, loved one, parent, or company.

Believe that.

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