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Human Coward Coyote by Atlanta Punk Rock Band Nag – Music Suggestion

New Album w/the Sound of Futuristic Demise and the Speed of Punk

The Atlanta-based band, Nag, released Human Coward Coyote via Convulse Records earlier this month, and it’s a tale of horrific, gratifying sounds. This is the soundtrack I believe you’d hear in the last minutes of a dying species, our species, as it is overtaken by crude aliens who judge and dismiss us. If it is indeed the case, these sounds are the last of our kind, I’d die ready to rage.

For those who don’t know, Nag is comprised of Brannon Green (guitar & vocals), Micky Gordon (bass), Rob Sarabia (guitar), and Ryan Fetter (drums). Throughout the album Human Coward Coyote, there are tones which feel like they are from a nightmarish future. Subtle beats and ringing come from the left or right, and often before a banshee guitar sound hits your ears and fills you with fear and amusement as each song progresses. Maybe besides the song “Permafrost,” a song that seems to be preparing you for the final track, “Frozen Dirts,” each song offers a stellar balance of guitar and drums. And I believe it’s “Crisis of Faith” and “State of Flux” that you hear the talent from the bass and the timing of the drums. One must keep a good ear to the lyrics, most represent repulsion to our society with the vocals produced well enough never to overtake the instruments. The album is a total of 20 minutes & 43 seconds, a solid punk rock album giving you everything you need with no extra filler. Something we can all eat & love, swine.

If ya didn’t know, this is the third album by the punk band, Nag. Most recently, they’ve released both Dead Deer and Observer. So this band is busy, and I am eager to scarf down what they have next. If you wanna give Human Coward Coyote a go, check out their bandcamp – They’re asking for $7 for a digital copy, cheaper than a dozen eggs.

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