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Moby’s Punk Rock Vegan Movie is Free on YouTube

Reject the Status Quo & Go Vegan, says Moby

Electronic, chill-beat maestro, Moby, has dished out a new documentary called Punk Rock Vegan Movie that reveals the importance of going vegan by using the ethos of our favorite genre. By ethos, I mean the idea that punk goes against the norm, it questions, fights for what’s right, and rejects the status quo in the hopes that an ethical solution prevails. That includes speaking up for those animals who share our planet with us and are currently being slaughtered by the trillions in horrendous living conditions.

The Punk Rock Vegan Movie is written and directed by Moby. He touches briefly on the history of punk rock as he explains it to … wait for it … his dog. His … talking dog. Or I assume it’s his dog. Anywho. During the overview, he does claim that Iggy Pop was the first punk rocker which, of course, is up for debate. Another time, perhaps. To help tell the tale of punk rock history, and speak of their accounts in practicing veganism are such punk rockers like H.R., Ian MacKaye, Captain Sensible, Steve Ignorant, Daniel Larsson, Richie Birkenhead, Don Bolles, Ray Cappo, Amy Lee, Inge Johansson, Dave Dictor, and on and on and on. 

One aspect of the film I loved beyond its ethical approach would be how it highlights the bands who primarily focused their message on animal rights and the environment. Bands like Earth Crisis and Youth of Today, each of which recorded songs speaking about animal cruelty back in their heyday. If you need a reference, check out “New Ethic” by Earth Crisis and “No More” by Youth of Today. And turn it up loud, friends.

Clocking in at about an hour and a half, I think Punk Rock Vegan Movie is worth a watch, especially for those thinking about taking the plunge into the world of veganism. If I haven’t mentioned it yet, the film is free and on YouTube (left the video below for you).

After you see the film, and if you are still seeking information about the food industry in general, or how our food gets to the grocery store, I would read the book The Omnivore’s Dilemma. To really push you over the edge, Earthlings, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, is a documentary that shows horrific displays of animal abuse within the food industry and will certainly have you thinking about making the switch if you haven’t done so already. Just like Punk Rock Vegan MovieEarthlings is free and available at

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