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Three Reasons to Read Too Old to Die Young by Peter Jones – Book Recommendation

A Wild Ride into Ireland’s Punk Rock Scene Told by Guitarist for Paranoid Visions – Peter Jones

During the 1980s, Paranoid Visions was a band that toured and floored the masses with their twisted lyrics on modern issues and raw guitar power produced by Peter Jones (or PA). Back in May of 2020, he dropped a book about his punk rock life that is short and wild, all about forming a band in Ireland’s punk rock scene. To help you decide whether or not to read his book, Too Old to Die Young by Peter Jones, I’ve provided you with three reasons.

1. DIY Life well lived

Peter Jones praises the DIY life from beginning to end in Too Old to Die Young. The network system they developed to grow a punk rock community in Ireland and Europe seemed to read like a contagion spreading across the land. They didn’t need help from major record labels, all Paranoid Visions needed to put out their own music was F.O.A.D., a record label created by Peter Jones which reads out F**k Off And Die. There is a chapter dedicated to F.O.A.D you must savor while devouring the book. Not only that, you find that the town of Dublin was littered with F.O.A.D.U2 at one point which translates – F**k Off And Die – U2. Why? Read the book, swine.

2. Punk Rock Scene showcased

You read about several punk rock bands throughout Europe in the book. Some British bands include Poison Girls, UK Subs, and Subhumans, you see Welsh bands like Shrapbel, Belfast bands such as Warzone Collective, and many, many more. He even has a, let’s say, “delightful,” night with the legend John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten. The stories, both good and bad, from bands you know are cool to experience, for sure. What’s even better is the parts when he explains the unity of the punk community with lines like:

“It was not only a magical thing to have been behind, but it was also a magical thing to have been witness to. At that point there was a huge sense of unity in the scene, perhaps because of those shows. The older punks had played and been involved, the younger punks played and were involved, and resultant embracing of DIY culture lived on for years through many people …”

Too Old to Die Young by Peter Jones

The “magical thing” he is referencing is when “virtually every punk band in Dublin,” including Paranoid Visions, performed six or seven nights together. Would have been stellar to see, no doubt.

3. Punk Rock Passion at its finest

Peter Jones formed and played in a punk rock band, he created his own label to release music for his band, designed logos, album covers, and partied with the best of them. And all while stating he wasn’t doing it for the money. How? Why? Your answer is passion. He loved punk rock, the community, and music. Each chapter is an eye-opening experience in how a life lived with passion leads you to do unbelievable things like touring the world and creating a f**k you to U2 slogan which takes a city by storm. An inspirational tale still unfolding to this day and one you should read if you call yourself a fan of the band, Paranoid Visions.

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