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Panthervision’s Now in 3-D – Music Suggestion

The Depth & Love within Panthervision’s Now In 3-D was Released on Jan. 16, 2023

Panthervision delivers a debut album that will pull at your heartstrings and offer your ears a new love to adore. Released on Jan. 16, 2023, each song on Now in 3-D is introduced with a clever, crafty guitar rift that punches. Underneath you will hear a subtle, brilliant bass with drum work that is top-tier. All mix to form a powerful pop punk album and one you shouldn’t ignore.

Panthervision is a four-person group that includes Bonnie Veronica (vocals & guitar), Kirk Larsen (lead guitar & backup vocals), Ben Asher (drums), and Ty Gerhardt (bass). For 15 years, Bonnie and Kirk played in the band Beyond Veronica hailing from Portland, Oregon. I will say their guitar talent is one of the many reasons to check out Now in 3-D. Each song offers a variety of melodic sounds, similar to The Muffs, with a distorted twist. And there is not a single song on the album that doesn’t feature a guitar solo. 

To reference the title of the album, it appears that the songs take an in-depth or three-dimensional look at love and freedom (or hope of), at least the majority of them do. Songs like “Trouble,” “Black Cat Shuffle,” and “Othello” each speak to the complicated mess of love with an underlining theme of breaking away from what hurts our hearts. And my favorite song from the album is “Truth and Lies” which is an anthem to fight against the abusers with lyrics like “Money, fame, religion – holds you down. It’s evolution. You better change now. Nobody owns you. They can’t hold you down.” As you continuously hear these themes play out, you are left reassured that you are not alone in the want to be free from the things that do their best to oppress us whether that is from love or a f**ked up government/society. Add that with the outstanding musicianship and you have a punk rock album that deserves a nod of approval.

So with that, I say turn up Panthervision’s Now in 3-D available on Bandcamp (for $10). If you care to see them live, check out their Facebook as they post show dates.

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