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Punk Rock Museum to Offer Guided Tours by Don Bolles, Chris DeMakes, Greg Hetson, & More

Punk Rock Museum to Offer Tours with Punk Rockers On April 1, 2023

Punk rock might be showing its age as there now resides a museum dedicated to it in Las Vegas. Since the late 1960s & early 70s punk rock has made a name for itself by surging through the underground and reaching pop-culture heights. To pay homage to its rich history, the Punk Rock Museum features 12,000 square feet of exhibit space that includes the world’s largest display of artifacts, fliers, photos, clothing, instruments, and more. As their website puts it, the museum “proudly shoves in your face the history, culture, and absurdity of rock n’ roll’s bastard step-child. This museum invites lifelong fans and curious looky-loos of all ages to experience a hands-on, uniquely punk rock experience.”

You might also be happy to hear they have a Jam Room where you can play instruments originally owned by punk musicians who decided to donate their tools for us to use. In fact, Chris Shiflett from Me First and the Gimme Gimmes offered up his green guitar featured on the back cover of the band’s album Take a Break, released on Fat Wreck Chords in 2003.

And on April 1, 2023 they will begin doing guided tours by punk rockers. To name a few, you have Don Bolles of The Germs (April 1-2), Mike Roche of TSOL (April 18-20), Chris DeMakes of Less Than Jake (May 8-10), and Greg Hetson of the Circle Jerks & Bad Religion (May 11-14). But really, that’s not all. The list is HUGE and you can see it by clicking the button below. Hopefully, some of you will be able to see your favorite players spill their guts on the history of punk rock. Even if not, make sure to check out the museum next time you go to Viva Las Vegas.

For more information about the Punk Rock Museum, go to

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