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Punk Rock Charities to Give A Damn About

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Feeling Charitable, Here Are Punk Rock Organizations You Can Help

We are in this together, swine. What is the point of screaming about the issues in the world if we do nothing about it? Wasted breathe. I wanted to take a moment and appreciate those who take action, those who go beyond the words and organize for a better tomorrow. Join them.

The list is in alphabetical order. If you see any missing from the list, please email

Punk 4 the Homeless

Punk 4 the Homeless raises funds for street children worldwide by aiding Hope Orphanage. The charity was founded by Sesay Abdul ‘Uncle’ Rashid in response to the numerous children left homeless following the havoc of the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone. Check out Punk 4 the Homeless’ Facebook feed for upcoming events/shows, or donate directly to Hope Orphanage at

Punk Rock Saves Lives

Through punk music, Punk Rock Saves Lives elevates the human experience at shows, festivals, and events with positive messages of change. They aim their sights at health and wellness, human rights, and equality hoping to use the ethos of the punk rock community to improve the lives of all. As they say, “When someone falls, you pick them up.” Couldn’t agree more. To help their efforts, you can donate money to their cause or volunteer your time.

Punks for Autism

Buy some gear, help a cause – that’s the idea behind Punks for Autism. Talented artists from various backgrounds created unique, sick designs for t-shirts, hats, and more to help raise funds for Autism awareness and acceptance. All of the proceeds go to local and national Autism organizations. I left my favorite of their t-shirt selection below, but you can pick your own at

Riot Fest Foundation

The Riot Fest Foundation started with (you might have guessed) Riot Fest, a music festival “rooted in a collective passion for punk rock music.” In the beginning, it was all about putting on a good punk show. The festival moved from Toronto to Denver and finally landed in Chicago where the founders decided to remain and aid the surrounding community by creating the Riot Fest Foundation. Overall, the Foundation backs youth education programs, gives grants to charitable organizations, and provides music resources for programs and events in schools, parks, and communities. If you want to donate, check out And if you want to attend the festival, go to

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