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New EP “Vertigo” by The Great Lie – Music Suggestion

Extreme and Powerful New EP from The Great Lie – “Vertigo”

Hardcore punk band The Great Lie dropped “Vertigo” last month, and it’s a rage-induced work-of-art. Hit play on this EP and get ready for non-stop mayhem with six songs that hit hard, and include breakdowns, clever lyrics, and stellar musicianship. This is one of the latest EPs I’d recommend to anyone eager to discover what’s new in the punk world.

The band’s frontman is Kerry Merkle, with John LaFata hutting the drums, Scott Martin on bass, and Mike Scarola for backup vocals and guitar. Based out of Long Island, New York this is the band’s fourth EP. Each member adds to their unique sound that is sure to light a fire in anyone who feels the harsh realities of life, a common theme within their songs.

The EP “Vertigo” aims at the human psyche and how it feels when surrounded by chaos. The opening track is a banger called “Everything Ends” and brings truth to the fact that nothing lasts forever. The switching of tempo in “Viet Cong” is unbelievable, offering nasty surprises your ears will eat up. “Look into the Sky” might be one of my favorites from the EP with a rough and dirty bass line (20 seconds into the song). And “Southern Drawl” features moments of an echoing voice mixed in diabolical harmony with the rest of the band that perked my ears and gave me chills. The entire EP is around 16 minutes, and you can rest assured each song is worth your time.

“Vertigo” is available on all streaming platforms. If you want the vinyl, The Great Lie will drop it on September 24, 2023, thanks to Lemmis Records. Looks like they will have a Record Release Party, on September 2, at Amityville Music Hall. Feel free to follow them on Facebook, and for a taste of the EP, peep the YouTube video below. Enjoy, swine.

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