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New EP: Sunbleached by MINISTER – Music Recommendation

MINISTER’s New EP, Sunbleached, is a Release of Raw Passion You Should Hear

The Post Hardcore/Melodic Hardcore band MINISTER released their latest EP Sunbleached on October 27, 2023, via Undead Collective Records. Throughout the EP, the lyrics of desolation will tear you apart, while powerful drums and stellar riffs keep you hooked. As the band puts it, “These releases showcase our evolution as a band and our commitment to delivering fresh, innovative music to our dedicated fans.” 

The EP Sunbleached opens with “Rivers,” a stead-fast drum beat settles you in until silence, followed by slow hypnotic guitar play and then an introduction to the singer’s voice. A voice screaming with pain, forcing you to listen closely to the words coming from its mouth. Words of loneliness and sorrow leave you torn and intrigued until anguish is unleashed by the end of the song. From “Rivers,” you go to “House Fire Salt Water,” which starts solid as you emerge into these alternating voices pinning you in the middle, caught in the madness of holding anger far too long and how you can’t bear it anymore. Next, “Flowers by the Roadside” has an opening that will grab anyone’s ears. Rapid guitar mixed with the singer’s fast paced singing plunges you into an abyss of mayhem you hope to never escape from due to the killer sounds. And the last song I want to mention is “Gods in Heaven.” Definitely one of my favorite songs from the EP with its chilling lyrics denying God’s existence. The song illustrates the confusion, anger, and heartache one feels upon realizing the finality of death, especially when we think about a loved one lost and never to be seen again. This is by far one of my favorite aspects of the band, how they can express these complicated emotions in a way that never seems preachy, but honest allowing a feeling empathy for the listener.

Overall, the EP is a worthy listen and encapsulates some of our most deepest, darkest emotions through pure passion and great musicianship. Check out Sunbleached by MINISTER with the playlist below. And you can give them a follow on Instagram at Or Facebook at

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