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NEW MUSIC: Bob Vylan Releases “Dream Big” and “He’s A Man”

Bob Vylan Releases “He’s A Man” and “Dream Big” From Their Upcoming Album, Humble As The Sun

The punk duo known as Bob Vylan dropped two songs off their upcoming album, Humble As The Sun, this past month. The two songs – “He’s A Man” and “Dream Big” – give you intelligent rhymes that aim at those who abuse power and stand as anthems for those without it. And if these are just a taste of what’s to come, I’m excited for the full album when it comes out on Jan. 20, 2024.

”He’s A Man” points its sights at those vile creatures we’ve all come to loath. The bigots, deaf-to-the-world, children walking around forcing their opinion built on self-righteousness while ignoring anyone who doesn’t stroke their ego. Aka a “proper manly man,” to quote a few lyrics from the song. As the singer mocks these egotistical assh*les, a prowling, raw guitar offers the perfect backdrop that drives the song.

Then, “Dream Big” starts off happy. Laughter from children, those dream-like sounds of harmony until fierce strumming interrupts. The lyrics make it a personal experience with lines like “terrified for my life sometimes” or “been there, done that.” While you can think this song is designed to inspire hope, I believe it has more power in pointing out that the world can be a cruel, scary place for a child. Something we should be aware of and hope that no child has to necessarily “Dream Big” to escape such a terror. To hear the emotion pour out at the end of the song showcases the passion of the band in displaying these foolish flaws in our society and the dream that no other has to follow the same fate. 

For those interested, you can pre-order Humble As The Sun off Bandcamp. By doing so, you get the two tracks to stream via the app and the complete album when it drops on Jan. 20, 2024. Which – let’s be real – you’re gonna get it when it comes out, so why not pre-order it?

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