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The Band Sex Mex – Found on Bandcamp

Band from San Antonio – Sex Mex – Offers Crafty Tunes with Creative Lyrics

Stumbled upon a band called Sex Mex on Bandcamp the other day and quickly fell for these crafty folks with their lo-fi punk rock classic sound. The EP that got me hooked would be none other than their “We’re a Happy Family” which was released on April 21, 2023. The four songs that make up the EP are catchy and fun with a lustful tone making it hard not to fall in love with their sound.

“Goodwill,” the first song off the EP “We’re a Happy Family,” caught my attention quickly with the organ-like keyboard. Optimistic sounds blare as the first line is dropped – “I don’t know shit.” From there I’m hanging on each line which reminds me of my past, insecure teenage self dealing with a crush in my car unsure of where it’s going. The crush, not the car. The next one, “Pills” introduced me to their bass player, that fast thumbing that kicks in at the 0.25 mark. Dropping lines like “tell my mother she’s a whore” stopped me in my tracks and showcased the no-holds-bare approach this band takes. Leading to, “We’re So Nice,” which comes across as a call out to the United States. Opening lyrics talk about no more bombs, no guns, forgetting the last twenty years standing proud as the world’s police (paraphrasing). Seeing how it was twenty years ago that the Iraq war started I am putting one and one together that this is what the song is referencing. Could be wrong, but if not, I believe the band’s ability to tackle such complicated subjects in their own unique way deserves respect. And the last song from the EP, “We’ll Be Gone,” reminds us all of the fragility of our lives and how it’s gonna be okay knowing that one day we’ll be gone. I dug it.

Like most bands that perk my ears, I headed to their website to see what they are all about. I laughed upon the discovery their URL is Gotta love the self-destruction, I mean, Sex Mex Sux (hehe). Clicking on their ‘About‘ section I found the following paragraph quite hilarious helping me understand the romance that is growing in my heart for this band. Check it out:

One day The Cars, Ramones, DEVO, and Suicide were all driving and ignoring all traffic laws only to simultaneously crash in the middle of a four way intersection. All four vehicles were instantly crushed due to the intensity of the impact. Out of the chaos crawled some sort of mutant hybrid thing. It called itself SEX MEX. It had synth leads that cut like a razor, guitar like a chainsaw, distorted organ bass, and drums that smelt of classic punk and NEU!

Found on

It’s not often you see Suicide as an influence if that is indeed what this “car crash” is insinuating. Of course, with the Ramones in there, The Cars, and DEVO you have to appreciate their taste.

As I journeyed further down this rabbit hole of discovery I checked out their most recent material called “Chick Problems.” Come to my surprise, “Chick Problems” is just as good, if not better, than “We’re A Happy Family.” With the same fun, futuristic tone with a slice of the past sound – each song is a groovy, party tune I’d happily share with anyone asking what’s new. “Chick Problems” was just released on September 22, 2023, and I’m itching to see what they put out next.

If you are, too, give Sex Mex, the band from San Antonio, TX, a follow on Bandcamp. They are on Instagram, of course, where you can find upcoming tour dates and other news. Anywho – until next time, swine.

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