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Riotous Resilience: The Punk Rock Story of Special Duties and 11 Songs You Gotta Hear

Unleashing Chaos: A Deep Dive into Special Duties

Special Duties is a well-respected punk rock band that emerged from Colchester, Essex, making significant contributions to the British punk scene. Formed in 1977, the band played a crucial role in shaping the landscape of punk music in the United Kingdom during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Initially gaining attention for their energetic live performances and DIY ethos, Special Duties quickly became known for their politically charged lyrics and raw, unapologetic sound. The band’s unique approach to songwriting and performance, along with their unrelenting attitude, helped them carve out a niche in the punk genre.

With their hometown of Colchester serving as a backdrop, Special Duties’ music often reflected the social and political climate of the time. Songs such as “Police State,” “Violent Society,” and “Bullshit Crass” demonstrated their willingness to tackle contentious issues while staying true to the rebellious spirit of punk rock.

Special Duties’ impact on the punk scene extended beyond their music. The band actively participated in the thriving DIY punk movement, releasing their own records and embracing the “do it yourself” ethos that was central to the punk subculture. This approach allowed them to maintain creative control and connect more directly with their fanbase.

Even as the punk landscape evolved, Special Duties continued to perform and record sporadically, leaving a lasting imprint on the genre. Their resilience and dedication to their craft earned them a place in the annals of punk rock history, ensuring that their legacy endures as a vital part of Colchester’s musical heritage.

In conclusion, Special Duties from Colchester, Essex, are an integral part of the punk rock narrative, infusing the genre with their unapologetic spirit and uncompromising stance. Their contributions to music, combined with their commitment to DIY ethics and political commentary, solidify their position as influential figures in the British punk scene.

“Violent Society”

This energetic track embodies the raw essence of punk rock with its aggressive guitar riffs and defiant lyrics, delivering a powerful commentary on societal issues. The relentless energy of the band shines through, creating an impactful listening experience.

“Police State”

With an unapologetically rebellious attitude, “Police State” confronts the oppressive nature of authority with fierce vocals and driving instrumentation. The song captures the band’s ethos of standing up against injustice and amplifies their unyielding passion for change.

“MRR (MaximumRocknRoll)”

“MRR” showcases the band’s unbridled spirit and unrelenting tempo, serving as a rallying cry for those who embrace the punk rock ethos. The song’s infectious energy and spirited delivery make it an essential listen for fans of the genre.

“Bullshit Crass”

Ripping through the speakers with blistering intensity, “Bullshit Crass” is a defiant anthem that encapsulates the band’s refusal to conform. Its searing sound and unapologetic lyricism solidify its place as a standout track in Special Duties’ discography.

“Judge and Jury”

“Judge and Jury” unleashes a torrent of unadulterated punk fervor, as the band delivers a scathing indictment of hypocrisy and corruption. The song’s seething aggression and unapologetic attitude make it a standout in the punk rock landscape.


Fueled by unbridled passion and unapologetic defiance, “Mutt” captures the band’s unrelenting spirit with its blistering instrumentation and rebellious lyricism. The track serves as a testament to the band’s unwavering dedication to their punk roots.

“Too Much Talking”

“Too Much Talking” reverberates with unapologetic defiance and unrelenting energy, as the band unloads a barrage of potent punk fervor. The track’s bold, confrontational lyrics and blistering sound solidify its status as an essential listen for punk enthusiasts.


With its propulsive rhythm and searing guitar work, “Shadow” encapsulates the band’s unyielding spirit and unwavering commitment to their punk ethos. The song’s fervent delivery and uncompromising attitude make it a standout in their discography.

“You’re Doing Yourself No Good”

“You’re Doing Yourself No Good” exhibits the band’s unrelenting fervor and unwavering commitment to their punk roots, delivering a scathing critique with unapologetic intensity. The track’s vibrant energy and unyielding spirit make it an essential addition to any punk playlist.

“Different View”

“Different View” resonates with unapologetic defiance and unrelenting energy, as the band channels their punk ethos into a blistering sonic manifesto. The track’s unyielding intensity and fearless lyricism make it an indispensable entry in the band’s body of work.

“British Boot Boys”

“British Boot Boys” unleashes a torrent of unadulterated punk fervor, as the band delivers a searing anthem with unapologetic defiance. The track’s blistering sound and confrontational lyricism solidify its status as an essential listen for punk rock enthusiasts.

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