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NEW ALBUM: Demon on the Wing by Brujoy Bruja – Found on Bandcamp

Personal and Edgy, Embrace the Light with Demon on the Wing by Brujoy Bruja

Hearing the recent release by Brujoy Bruja, Demon on the Wing, I am enthralled by the mix of eclectic styles and sounds. At times, the music exudes a beautiful garage rock edge, while at other moments, it delves into personal, intimate, slow piano melodies. At its heart, it appears to represent an expression of the impact of society on our lives – the madness we endure and the humble desire to break free from it and embrace the light, together.

“Knock Knock Knock” is a solid introduction, with the appearance of daisy lullabies from the 60s and 70s, but as it progresses this demonic tone, as if something is relentlessly knocking at the door. This same feeling could potentially serve as the driving force behind “I Want (Insert Here),” intensifying the idea of something scratching under the surface, eager to escape. In addition, it taps into a universal longing, stirring the mimetic desire inherent within each of us, seeping under our skin and consuming us from within.

It gets funky with “Eating Aliens.” This nasty groove that toys with your ears. Followed by the first piano ballad, “Death Bell,” which comes across like a man on the edge of darkness spilling his guts, poking at the keys as he pokes holes in his mentality. The last two lyrics still haunt me – “death awaits” – leaving you with a sense that this life is a torment and the worst is yet to come. 

The twang from “One Way Ticket to Minsk “ is certainly catchy, with the lyrics describing what appears to be some sort of corrupt political figure, a story we’ve all come to be too familiar with. The rhythm in “Taximan” is hypnotic, with a distorted ending that fucks with your head, as if someone jolts you awake. And I can’t help but love the echo tin can approach of the vocals of the tune called “10 Foot Shit (Ballad of a Teenage Sleaze),” which as the title suggests a ballad of mayhem that is comical as it is groovy.  

The final two songs, “Walking to Egypt/Rosa Blur” and “Dream About the Dreams Your Breath Don’t Breathe,” return you to how the album started, this want and feeling to return to the light, poetic and heartbreaking, beautiful and horrific, true artistry to consume and the perfect ending to the mundane madness. 

Overall, there is a rhythm to the chaos. The different styles, speeds, and perfection of start-stop strumming. It plays with the line of genius and insanity, asking the listener to take a walk on both sides to see if you can come back again. Verdict is still out if I made it back to the side of sanity, although I am not sure I was ever on the side of the sane. Dare you to try. 

Give it a go on Bandcamp at – and “Follow” on Instagram. Yeah, yeah, yeahhhhhh.

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