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NEW ALBUM: Self-Titled Debut by Membrains – Found on Bandcamp

Barks like Iggy, Style like Stiv – Give Membrains a Go, Go

Within the bio found on Bandcamp of Philly-based band, Membrains, you’ll come to find out they claim to be “the best goddamn rock-n-roll band to exist!” Heavy, yet I believe anyone who lays the gauntlet deserves a chance. And I tell you, friends, I am unsure if I can state this band as “best to exist,” but I can tell you it’s fucking rock ‘n’ roll if I ever heard it.

For rock ‘n’ roll isn’t that polished shit on the airwaves, over-produced nonsense that aims to sound like everyone else. It’s nasty, raw, and not afraid to get in the mud. When heard, it drives you, takes control, and leaves you a fucking puddle asking for more. Just like the sound you hear on the Membrains’ self-titled debut, one like the rock ‘n’ roll we’ve longed missed, by the band comprised of Johnny Germ on vocals, K.C. Germ on guitar, Jake Ashton also on guitar, James Hanna Garvin on bass, and Andrew “The Drewster” Cerami on drums.

The music seeps under your skin within 55 seconds of the first tune, “Genie in a bottle,” from the debut. Like a train from hell, the music drives its teeth in you. The proceeding “Haterzz” makes sure the fangs don’t lose their grip with its powerful guitar and own special ethos of “fuck off.” And leave it to the shortest track on the album, “Seams” to deliver one of the hardest punches. Damn if this isn’t a 1-minute song-of-a-beaten that spanks my ass and has me asking “Yes sir, can I have another?”

And then comes along “Rock n Roll Heartbreak” which gets my motor running and mind falling back to those good ole sounds of what started the punk rock craze. Those simple rough strumming and hard-hitting grooves help bring out the animal in me. Same with “Your Man,” a track where I really dig the vocals of Johnny Germ as he barks like Iggy Pop, and offers a style that reminds me of Stiv Bators of the Dead Boys as if he is spilling his guts with every word sung. “Sick” is a lovely tune all about heartache in a tone that’s as dark and insane as the subject it plays with. Followed by “The Hunt,” serving as a grand finale of sorts with a furious rampage and leaving me eager to depart this plane of sanity for dangerous waters.

Safe to say, the songs end, and I want more. I guess, for now, that’ll do. They’re on tour, and they have all the toys you want aka a Bandcamp and Instagram. Give them a listen (, give them a “Follow,” see them live, and sick, sick, sick, SICK!

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