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Opinion: One Rule About Being in a Toxic Work Environment

Get out. That’s it. That’s the one rule I want to give you – Get. Out.

Update your resume – tonight. Start looking on Craigslist. Look in the classifieds, if those still exist. Ask your friend’s mom who might know somebody. Ask your neighbor. That one dude from school who you hated, ASK THEM! Well, maybe not them. You get my point.

No, remaining in a toxic work environment will not make you stronger. No, it will not help your career. Work should never cost your health and well-being. The only thing it could teach you is how you deserve better. Save the time, and get out.

Smile until it’s over. Hold it together. And Get. Out.

This world needs the best part of you. And it will never see it if you are stuck in a hole. Get out. I’m gonna say it one more time, get out.

Links below are articles I support on how to identify a toxic environment. Just in case.

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