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Meryl Streek’s 796 – Music Suggestion

Powerful Start for the Punk Rock Warrior from Ireland

Meryl Streek’s 796 was dropped on November 4, 2022, and it is a fuckin’ banger, to say the least. The volume in his voice and message is enough to blow back the doors of any member of a corrupt system, the topic in many of his songs. To match his message is spectacular music. Each song includes a series of well-produced beats and heavy instrumentals behind his powerful Irish voice that is sure to get the blood boiling.

I’ve seen several great reviews for Meryl Streek’s 796. Most mention the song “Death to the Landlord,” and it’s probably my favorite. One line, in particular, I love from the song goes, “you’ve abandoned the last shed of decency you had in ya, you fucked us, and I’m supposed to be quiet.” I wanted to point it out because that’s the overall feel you get from this album with any song you hear. “False Apologies,” “No Justice,” “796,” it doesn’t matter, pick one and you will hear a man exposing the truth, or not being quiet, with the demand for change.

To speak more, hailing from the United States, I was unaware of what the title of Meryl Streek’s 796 was addressing. Come to find out, back in the day there was an orphanage in a town called Tuam located in Ireland. The State and Catholic Church ran the home, which was supposed to be a refuge for women and young girls. History has revealed the conditions of the “safe home” were brutal. A place where children died of sickness, were refused medicine, and some even left in a septic tank. Fuckin’ hell.

And that’s why you need to hear this album, it’s punk rock attitude at its finest. Fuck the politeness, fuck playing the game, there is a problem, and it needs to be addressed. It’s an anthem aimed at the corrupt and abusers, those eager to put us down and destroy our livelihood without apologizing. For that, and much like any punk rock album with a clear, strong message – I say, “turn it up.” Loud enough so that anyone in power can hear, and let them know the masses are on to them.

This is the debut album for Merly Streek, recorded by Venn Records. Can’t wait to see what he puts out next. He is currently on tour. And I do hope to see him live one day, especially after reading this review. Until then, check out the album at

Rock on, fiends.

Thanks Louder Than War for the information in reference to the title of the album, 796. You can also find more information about the Tuam babies at

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