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The History of Richard Hell & the Voidoids

Richard Hell and the Voidoids Carved their Path with a Relentless Drive to Challenge the Status Quo

In the gritty underground scene, Richard Hell, Ivan Julian, Robert Quine, and Marc Bell converged to form Richard Hell & the Voidoids in 1976. Influenced by the rawness of the New York punk scene, the band channeled their individual talents to create a sound that was both rebellious and thought-provoking.

But let’s back up for a second. It should be known that Richard Hell was in the group Television in 1975. Television, in case you didn’t know, was the first band to perform at CBGB’s back in the day. Tom Verlaine, vocals and one of the guitarists for Television, and Hell didn’t get along resulting in Hell leaving the band. From there, Hell would form the Heartbreakers with Johnny Thunders, and the band didn’t last long due to their drug abuse behavior. Leading Hell to find new members and form his own band which would be Richard Hell and the Voidoids. A bit of a back and forth but important to know, none the less.

Notable Albums and Songs

You have two albums with Richard Hell and the Voidoids, and both left an indelible mark on the punk landscape. From their debut album, Blank Generation, with its eponymous anthem challenging societal norms, to the fierce and introspective Destiny Street, Richard Hell & the Voidoids fearlessly pushed the boundaries of punk rock. Each album showcased their distinctive sound and lyrical prowess, cementing their place in music history.

Before we move on, the song “Blank Generation” is considered one of the classic punk rock anthems. The lyrics reflect the disillusionment and dissatisfaction of the youth during that era. The song resonated with many people who felt disconnected from mainstream society and were searching for a sense of identity. With its raw energy and rebellious spirit, “Blank Generation” became an influential track in the punk rock movement. Yet, again, the back and forth – I KNOW!

Significant Performances

Richard Hell & the Voidoids were known for their electrifying live performances. Their concerts were explosive, captivating audiences with their high-energy stage presence and relentless passion. From legendary venues like Max’s Kansas City to tours that crisscrossed the country, their performances became the stuff of punk rock legend.

Impact on the Punk Scene

As pioneers of the punk movement, Richard Hell & the Voidoids left an indelible impact on the genre. Their music and rebellious spirit served as an inspiration for countless bands that followed. Their unfiltered lyrics, raw energy, and uncompromising attitude paved the way for a new wave of punk rock. In addition, the band is considered to be one of the pioneers when it comes to the “punk look.”

Trailblazers of punk

Richard Hell & the Voidoids will forever be remembered as trailblazers in the punk rock landscape. Their fearless approach to music, unapologetic lyrics, and unforgettable performances have left an enduring legacy. They embodied the rebellious spirit of punk and challenged conventions with their unique sound and uncompromising attitude.

Wanna check’em out? Hit play below for a live recording of one of their performances at Max’s Kansas City in 1977.

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