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Fugazi Live at Hamburg 1999 – As Seen on YouTube

Can’t See Fugazi Live Today, But You Can See Them on YouTube

The legendary punk rock band, Fugazi, hasn’t toured since 2002. Forming in Washington, D.C. in 1987, they are easily one of the most influential and important bands of the genre. Heavy, energetic, and rough guitar and vocal work matched with politically charged performances makes this easily one of the top ten bands I wish I could see live. Until that day comes, I guess watching a video of them performing live on YouTube (video at the bottom of this post) will suffice.

Ian MacKaye (vocals and guitar), Guy Picciotto (vocals and guitar), Joe Lally (bass), and Brendan Canty (drums) make up the band Fugazi. For those who have no idea, that is the same Ian MacKaye who was a key player in growing the hardcore movement in D.C. and a founding member of the band Minor Threat.

Fugazi is well known for their DIY approach to life and commitment to independent music. Dischord Records, created by Ian MacKaye, is how they produced and distributed their music. Throughout Fugazi’s tenure they stuck to a no-contract, low-cost ticket policy for their shows. Someone tell that to Ticketmaster.

Blending sounds of punk, hardcore, and alternative rock they offered one of the most unique sounds in music. You can easily distinguish them from anyone else, and their lyrics touch on social and political issues giving each of its listeners a reason to turn on their noggins and look around at the corruption and greed plaguing our world. Some of my favorite tunes by Fugazi have to be “Waiting Room,” “Merchandise,” and “Suggestion.”

With all things Ian MacKaye, Fugazi is another example of showing dedication to one’s principles and applying that to your forum. The band Fugazi and the work they left will always be a beacon of light for independent spirit and artistic integrity.

Grab a hold of that spirit by peeking at the video below featuring Fugazi songs like “And the Same,” Long Division,” and more. It’s over an hour long and raw as hell. Ian MacKaye and Guy Picciotto are the main focus of the entire video as you have a front-row seat to all the action, including a few shots overlooking the crowd. Enjoy, swine.

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