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New Single: “Roadkill” by the Loc Dawgs – Music Recommendation

California Band the Loc Dawgs Offers a New Single

The interplay of a love/hate relationship seems to be the theme of the latest single, “Roadkill,” by the Loc Dawgs. It’s probably the chants of “I f*ckin’ hate you” that give me that impression and lines like “suck like a leech but you act like a b*tch. Taking your time as you scratch that itch.” Vivid imagery reminds me how relationships can leave you feeling like roadkill, tossed to the side of the road and eager to crawl back. Behind the lyrics, a garage punk sound with lo-fi drum beats and that harsh, rhythmic guitar driving the song like an old muscle car. Moments of stop-breaks trigger my eyebrows back and forth (like that one thing Jack Black does), and harmonious “OoOoOs” from the band make a tune I’d happily recommend. Give it a go, as the song/band can be found on SpotifyApple Music, and yada yada.

The three-piece band hails itself from Santa Barbara, CA. They dropped an album called Shadows in 2023. And they even have a website you can check out – Sounds like they are just getting started and eager to see what else they have!

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