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NEW SINGLE: “Life Jacket” by Supera Morza – Found on Spotify

Powerful New Tune by Post-Grunge Noise Band, Supera Morza

Across the Atlantic in Manchester, UK stands Supera Morza, a post-grunge noise band with a voice one can appreciate. Within their latest single, “Life Jacket” the mix-and-match tempo changes become a delightful surprise for the menacing devil hanging on our shoulder (I forget which one – is it left or right?). For this sound fuels the rage in us all and speaks the truth when screamed. 

Served through fast, spoken voices – amplified by a bass that cuts, drums that hit, and a possessed guitar – the lyrics appear to point to the underlining truth that the wants that drive us and hope to save us, kill us. Or as they put it, “drowning in my own life jacket.” Their unfiltered approach to reveal this about themselves drives the passion of the song and makes it a notable tune to spread. And here’s hoping it spreads like fire. 

Give it a go on Spotify – Give them a “Follow” on Instagram. And so forth and so forth.

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