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What is this sh*t?

Website dedicated to true rebel music. Music, books, and movies digested and regurgitated on this punk rock blog. Soak it up, swine.

punk rock music

Punk rock is a force, an attitude, a fighting spirit that aims at those who abuse and feed off the meek. It is powered through lyrics, felt through raw riffs, hard beats, and expressed through unstoppable energy.

punk rock books

The road of punk rock isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. Lucky for us, many players have written autobiographies and memoirs of their tales. Read one and you might be disgusted, maybe inspired.

Punk rock movies

Forget streaming services. The prices are going up and they suck. Watch a documentary on punk rock and gain some actually knowledge.

Dee Dee Ramone

Punk rock comes from angry kids who feel like being creative.